Realsportsrealtalk is a new up and coming sports blog that deals with real sports conversation which leads to REAL TALK. Sean Benton , author, creator and founder of realsportsrealtalk offers his own brash and style similar to ESPN’S Stephen A. Smith on all issues related to sports and entertainment. Sean Benton was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and spent a large majority of his childhood participating in sports and recreation. Benton played football, basketball, and ran track during his school age years. After graduating from high school, Benton attended the University of New Orleans. There , Benton was active playing basketball , however..he worked in the school’s athletic department as student intern and later worked as an intern for the SUGAR BOWL. Benton also worked for WVUE TV, and the TIMES PICAYUNE newspaper as well. After receiving his B.A. in Liberal Arts, Benton was accepted into the GRADUATE PROGRAM AT TEXAS SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY. There, Benton was able to receive his Texas teaching certificate. Benton taught and coached high boys basketball for 15 years winning a state championship in 1998 and also winning the district assistant coach of the year in 2005 and later attended PRAIRIE VIEW A&M where he received his MASTERS DEGREE IN EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATION. After leaving coaching, Benton’s aspiration is to become an effective athletic administrator. He currently is te administrator over credit recovery at CYPRESS SPRINGS HIGH SCHOOL. However, he does lend his hand when needed in upper administration as well as in the athletic department. Benton also has a sports commentary on KTSU.90.9 fm weekly. Benton enjoys spending time with his familyand friends and also relaxes playing golf with his son. Benton really enjoys connecting with sports lovers conversation about realsportsrealtalk..with real people…..


2 Responses to About

  1. Mark McCarter says:

    Sean, saw your various tweets on my column. I’m wide-open to clarify or debate my opinion if you want to reach me by email.

    • skbeeasy says:

      Good morning my good man. Thanks for all that you do. However, I do respect your thoughts and you have great points. I know for a fact that the conference should not be at fault for each school’s academic short fall. Each school has been trained and monitored by the NCAA. It’s the school administration who made the mistake..not the SWAC. THOSE KID PLAYING NOW SHOULD NOT BE PENALIZED FOR SOMETHING THAT HAPPENED WHEN THEY WERE IN MIDDLE SCHOOL. By allowing each team to participate was more of a finaicial gain for the conference in regaurds to the touranment. The crowd has improved Howevever not allowing those teams in the NCAA was fair. All in all , what’s wrong with the SWAC trying to step up their game…..

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