Realsportsrealtalk Midweek Commentary: Celebration Bowl ; HBCU’s Nation wide Audition ?


Good morning, Glad to be back at it….Okay , Let’s get to it. This weekend starts the 2015-2016 College Bowl Season. ESPN , CBS, ABC , NBC,  TNT , TBS, FOX among others will fill out the holiday season as Bowl Sponsor’s look to monopolize on many folk tuning in to watch college bowls while enjoying the holidays. From mid to major colleges will be on display until the National Championship will decide who is king in January of 2016. Well, with the blessings of ESPN and both SWAC and MEAC , the newly created Celebration Bowl has been added to the national slate and will be shown live on ABC. HBCU Football will finally be showcased for the world to see. The Celebration Bowl takes place in Atlanta, Georgia at the Georgia Dome. SWAC Champ ALcorn State will tangle with MEAC Champ North Carolina A&T. Now as we head into the home stretch of preparations , the Celebration Bowl group with consist of Atlanta Falcons reps, Georgia Dome reps, 100 Men of Atlanta reps , City of Atlanta reps and reps from both schools have been working into the midnight to put together a bowl agenda that would be measured against all other top Division 1 bowls. Starting with the teams’ arrival, many events have been put into place to keep the teams and fans alike buzzing. With traditional HBCU themed events, the ESPN sponsored bowl has even reached down and added Fan Feast among other notoriety events that usually take place at other bowl sites. The Celebration Bowl is sort of auditioning HBCU Football Brand to the nation, and is seeking to be a fixture on the annual bowl slate. With ABC broadcasting, both the SWAC and the MEAC need for their teams and bands to be on point for the national viewing audience. Back in 1995, the first Heritage Bowl took place but later flamed out due to sponsorship problems among other things. However, many years later it seems to me that the organizational group behind the Celebration Bowl got it right. With every stakeholder involved, the Celebration Bowl could be a grande ole success as well as entice more sponsorship to invest and come aboard to solidify and support the HBCU brand as well as the Celebration Bowl itself. What Bowl organizations really want is for 50-70K sitting in the stands and having a great time. HBCU and former NFL historians will also be on hand to help bring the gap and make the day a safe bet. Alcorn State and North Carolina A&T are on the clock. The Celebration Bowl committee……IT’S SHOWTIME!!!


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