Realsportsrealtalk Mid Week Commentary : GSU Johnathan Williams has brought Grambling State back from the ashes…..


Grambling State’s Johnathan Williams use to be a forgotten man at Grambling. The QB position was held down by Doug Williams Jr. and his HOF father saw to it that it was Junior’s job to lose. Well, lose they did. The GSU Tigers suffered through the worst years in the history of the storied program for 2 years as Doug Williams 2nd tenure wasn’t as great as his first. The Tigers lost to nearly everyone they played in 2012 and 2013. In 2013, the Doug Jr sort of became the whipping boy of many GSU fans as his father was fired in the early part of 2013 season. With coaching issues mounting, the Tigers were going nowhere until Coach Winston inserted Johnathan Williams into the line up as QB and the Tigers breathed a new life. As the 2013 was nearing the end, Williams athleticism took hold and the Tigers started putting up points and making plays. He even put a scare into Southern University in the Bayou Classic as the Tigers gave the Jags a run but fail short. The GMEN were lost but they did find them a quarterback to enter the 2014 season. Enter Coach Fobbs, a former GMEN and Eddie Robinson protege. Fobbs cleaned the program up inside and out. Players were cut loose and new onbes were brought in to begin what I called reconstruction in Tigerland. As the 2014 Spring Football practice began, Williams wasn’t sold on being the starter yet. He still had to prove to Fobbs and the new staff that he could run the team as well as communicate with the staff and lead the team. Williams established himself as the starter and things were and running. The Tigers suffered through 4 straight losses , then went on a 7 game win streak to only lose to Southern in the Bayou Classic by an inch. The Tigers had found their QB as Williams threw for nearly 2500 yards and 20 TDS IN 2014 . Williams was even becoming a threat as a dual QB with his legs also. He even nearly paced the Tigers in rushing TDS as well. Heading into the 2015 season, Williams was expected to lead GSU to the promise land. Being picked as a preseason All SWAC QB and being currently mention in the FCS Stats national category gave Williams a goal to reach. Johnathan Williams now have the Tigers on the cusp of reaching the 2015 SWAC Championship game and possibly playing the 2015 Celebration Bowl. Williams has thrown for nearly 2600 yards and 25TDS thus far. He also has nearly ran for 500 yards rushing to add to his total yardage. Williams has given the GMEN hope and a future that is bright. Wiiliams reminds me of the former Tiger Doug Williams himself. Without Johnathan Williams , I don’t know where Grambling would be……But with Williams, the GMEN are on top………..


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