Realsportsrealtalk Midweek Commentary: Is Alcorn State’s John Gibbs the SWAC’S next NFL PROSPECT?

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OK , Lets’ get to it…..As we head into week 9 of the 2015 season, we have had many top stories to go along with this fantastic season thus far. As Alcorn State prepares for their trip to Baton Rouge in what many says it’s a do or die game for Southern , the Braves have in ntheir arsonal a player that has just as much talent as did former Brave and NFL great Steve Mc Nair. QB John Gibbs has been the Brafves savior the last 2 years as he along with Coach Hopson has turned a once doormat program into a national and SWAC power house. With Hopson, Gibbs, a native of Houston, Texas has flourished in Braves’ ” Read Option” attach. Gibbs, wasn’t highly recruited out of Booker T Washington high school in Houston. I remember like it was yesterday…..Gibbs only school taht offered was Alcorn State. TSU and PVAMU wasn’t interested at the time. University of Houston and Texas among others wasn’t impressed with the 6’6 220 QB. Well, once Hopson took over as the Braves head man, Gibbs was given a chance to show what he could do. In 2012, a freshmen, Gibbs engineered a comeback against Doug Williams and the Gmen. After stealing the victory, Gibbs became the Braves starting QB Gibbs turned around a sunken ship. In 2013, the Braves made waves as their record improved including a 47-7 thumping of SWAC EAST CHAMP Jackson State. In 2014, Gibbs and the Braves were the hottest team in the SWAC, only blemish was to a much improved Grambling State on the road. However, Alcorn State did come away with the 2014 SWAC CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY and Gibbs was MOP. Gibbs , today has thrown for nearly 1000 yards and 7tds. However, he has rushed for 500 yards and 8tds. Though his numbers aren’t quite as high, however within Alcorn scheme of things, his job is to lead by example which equals wins for the Braves. Coming off a toug loss to Grambling 35-34, Gibbs still lit up the scoreboard. Going into this week game at Southern sets the stage right for him to put on another show. Standing 6’6 and 220, he has the Cam Newton build and has a cannon for an arm. Having been working out in Miami and Tampa during the Summer Months with NFL trainers and QB coaches, Gibbs has the I.Q. to impress NFL scouts and Executives. All in all, John Gibbs has become the extension of what Steve McNair built at Alcorn State.johngibbs3


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