Realsportsrealtalk Commentary : Is this a contract year for TSU’S Asberry?

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OK , Let’s get right to it. Many schools have been celebrating their rich traditions of Homecoming as many alumni and friends have have donned school and fraternity colors to take over campuses throughout the SWAC. Now , it’s Texas Southern’s turn to celebrate in Houston. The Tigers football squad hasn’t had anything to celebrate as they were suppose to compete for the SWAC Western crown as as well a trip to the SWAC Championship game. Those dreams and goals have flown out the window. TSU is coming off a 49-21 win over lowly MVSU and looks to upset SWAC West don Southern University on Saturday. Coach Daryl Asberry has had his ups and downs since taking over the once NCAA nearly death penalty program in 2012. Asberry has had to deal with sanctions his first three years that has handicapped him from doing what other SWAC coaches were able to do. The Tigers were limited to scholarships , recruiting was cut, no spring practice for two years , players were mandated to attend study halls and classes , APR issues had to be met among other things. Once the NCAA approved TSU to continue with their everyday football business, Asberry was expected to contend with Grambling ans Southern as top dogs in the West race. Asberry was able to bring in decent talent including a few division 1 transfers. However, things haven’t gone to plan and the Tigers started out slow in conference play. With the addictions to new coaches including, former PVAMU head man Hice Northern as D.C. and John Shannon, Asberry’s former O.C. at Jackson State, the Tigers were suppose to make some noise. With an embarrasing l0se to PVAMU in the Labor Day Classic , to go along with a home lose to Alabama State, and road to an slumbering JSU team, it may have seem like TSU hit rock bottom early on. However, the silver lining was that Asberry was able to develop WR Derrick Griffin and QB Avion Hurts into one of the best pass catching duel in the league. Griffin has really came into his own with his size and athletic ability, he poses as a threat to defenders. Hurts has taken the reins at QB and moved the chains for the Tigers offense. Asberry has really been getting hit by the street committee. However, has he been given a FAIR opportunity to put his stamp on this program with his first three years , hands being tide . I have heard many folk say bad things , however, I don’t think Nick Saban could win with those APR sanctions. I hope that TSU’S  A.D. would see the entire picture and see what Asberry had to deal with in reguards to fielding a competitive football team and program. Many would say that this year is a contract year for Asberry. Well is it?…………….

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