Realsportsrealtalk Commentary: What is going on at JACKSON STATE UNIVERSITY?

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My midweek commentary focuses on the negative vibes coming out of Jackson State University. From the upper administration to athletics, the JSU family has been in some sort of confusion. First, the Vice Prevost resigns, then the Athletic Director resigns, then Harold Jackson is fired and replaced by asst. Derrick McCall. Yesterday, the Clarion Ledger announced that due to assessibility, it will not be covering JSU Athletics anymore. Now that’s a black eye for the school as well as for the HBCU community and the SWAC. With no coverage, how do you advertise and sale your program? Since JSU’S president Carol Myers has been in control, the university has been going backwards every since. Not to say that she is the problem , but many bad things has happened under her leadership. When former coach Rick Comengy was fired after leading the Tigers to back to back SWAC Championship games, that told me something wasn’t right. JSU has been a strong staple in the HBCU and SWAC community and a rich and proud athletic program. To see it crumble is so sad. I watched Grambling program fall into dissarray two years ago and until Brian Fobbs, a proud alum came aboard and restored the roar. JSU on the other hand must get it’s upper administration corrected and in place before moving on to hire and AD and a football coach. There has been talk about a domed stadium being built in Jackson for the Tigers, however, losing the Clarion Ledger as a supported didn’t sit to well with the Jackson community. With the resources available, JSU should’t be having all this mess going on on it’s historical campus. Like a soap opera, issues and more issues abound at JSU. My take…..Can someone save the proud school and it’s program or will it take another president and a few board members to take the reins and make accountable decisions for the sake of the students and the community around JSU?……..Talk to me……


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