Realsportsrealtalk Commentary : GSU’S Johnathan Williams vs. Alcorn’s John Gibbs

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My midweek commentary focuses on the SWAC’S top match up this weekend as the West leading Grambling State Tigers head into Lorman,Miss to take on the East leading Alcorn State Braves. Many believe that this is the first installment of the 2015 SWAC Championship game. However, Southern may have something to say. The Tigers-Braves match up features two top QB’s in the SWAC: GSU’S Johnathan Williams and Alcorn State’s John Gibbs. Williams began his career as a third string QB under former GSU coach Doug Williams. After Doug Williams was fired, the third string QB was promoted to 2nd string as Doug Williams Jr. was sidelined for the year with a ACL injury. Williams finally broke in the starting line up in 2013 as he was able to display his athletic ability in moving the chains and putting points on the board during GSU’S down year. When Coach Fobbs took over as coach of the GMEN, Williams game was taken to the next level as the GMEN won 7 straight before losing to Alabama State at home and dropping a heart breaker to Southern in the Bayou Classic. Williams put up huge numbers and made a name for himself. This season , Johnathan Williams elusiveness plus his ability to throw made him another weapon to deal with as the Tigers have amassed well over 2, 000 total offense. Williams causes havoc to opposing defenses as the Tiger run game has opened up for new comber Montiez Carter. WR Chad Williams and Chester Rogers have blossomed as a result of Johnathan Williams leadership. The GMEN go as long as Johnathan Williams go.

Alcorn State’s John Gibbs brings a different type of game to the table. Gibbs, of Houston stand’s 6’6 and 220 pounds with a rocket for an arm. Gibbs came on the scene as an unnoticed freshmen in Coach Hopson’s first year as the Braves head man. Gibbs made his presence in 2012 when he was called upon against Doug Williams GSU Tigers and lead the Braves to a so called upset win over the GMEN 21-18 in Shreveport. Hopson installed the pistol offense and it fit Gibbs well. Being tall and rangy caused problems for many teams. The offense allowed Gibbs to dictate the run or the pass based of the defensive end. The run game would flourish when the end stayed out wide. The passing game would florish when the defensive end would crash down. Gibbs would through for decent numbers , however, he and the Braves running backs would run for a ton when given the opportunity. John Gibbs became a triple threat QB and he eventually lead the Braves to the 2015 SWAC Championship. Gibbs this year is on pace to lead the Braves back to Houston for more. However, this Saturday will present a challenge as the Tigers of GSU have an armed QB in Johnathan Williams to go to battle with. Like playing a chess match, the winner will be decided on who makes the best moves………………


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