Realsportsrealtalk Commentary: Who’s next at JSU?…….

Good Morning,

We have seen good days and we have seen bad days. Jackson State University cut ties with head coach Harold Jackson yesterday and the Tiger nation seems to be singing praises and the glory of freedom. Jackson only a couple of games in his year and a half in Tigerland. Most recent a 59-27 debacle to the hands of Grambling State at home. Many folk have been calling for his neck since. In my commentary yesterday , I spoke on the once proud JSU program and how Jackson has made it a laughing stock of the SWAC. Well , shortly after posting it, JSU cut ties with Jackson that afternoon. Now let’slook at the future. With an interum in place , where does JSU go for a new football coach. Let me break it down.

Many folk have been calling for former and current MVSU head Coach Rick Comengy to return to Lynch Street. Comengy did bring the Tigers a few SWAC Championships and in his last season in 2014, he lost in the Championship game. Darrell Asberry, current Texas Southern coach is a name to throw out there. The there is former MVSU Coach and current Cohoma Junior College head coach, Karl Morgan. He is a very defensive minded coach. Former Alabama State coach Reggie Barlow could be an option. Current Alabama A&M OC/QB Coach Willie Totten could be one as well. There even a few division 1 assistant coaches who would be a great addiction also. JSU players turned coaches in Mississippi high school ranks will be submitting there resumes as well.

Whoever JSU admistration turn too, one thing they will have to take into consideration is age, ability to recruit top notch talent, abililty to manage a program on a SWAC budget among other things that entail small school issues. The JSU job is a great job.Playing in a 60k seat stadium has it’s benefits. The city of Jackson is starving for another JSU run to the top. W.C.Gordon would love to see the Tigers climb out the cellar. Keeping up with Southern and Grambling State rise has seen the Tigers take a fall.

In concluding JSU must clean up internally to become appealing again externally. With all the resignations, terminations , lawsuits among other things , the Tigers administration must be willing to satisfy the fans as well as the alumni organizations and their displeasures. Being on one accord can go along way. I ask …………Who will JSU seek as their next coach going forward………………


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