Good morning, I hope everyone is staying warm….OK..Let’s get to it….Alcorn State came to Houston to with an agenda. First win their first OUT RIGHT title in more than 20 years. Second , Prove to the world that they are the nations best HBCU team period. Well, Southern University had to find out the hard way. Lead by MVP QB John Gibbs, the Braves marched down the field in their first series to take a 7-0. After the Jaguars were forcewd to punt, the Braves marched down again however settleing for a 10-0 lead. Southern finally woke up as Loenard Tillary got the Jags rolling and into the endzone to cut the deficit. However, Gibbs and that Pistol went to work as he connected with a few of his recievers as well as used his legs to push the Braves to a 17-10. Later Gibbs hooked up with WR Barns on a long haul to take a 24-10. Southern didn’t fold the tent. The Jaguars WR Willie Quinn took it the distance as QB Austin Howard found Quinn in a seem and Quinn took it to the house. Heading into the half, the Braves clinged to a 24-17 lead. SU later blocked a Braves punt to even up the score at 24-24 all. John Gibbs, after taking a big hit, went to work again as he found another target in the endzone to make it 31-24. Southern later fumbled and the Braves took another to the house to make it 38-24 which would be the final score. Alcorn State’s Coach Hopson deserves huge credit for taking over this downtrottin program and turning it to the SWAC’S diamond. John Gibbs has made history by becoming the staple of the program since the Steve Mc Nair Days of the early 90’s. The Braves even brought a huge following to Houston to match the Jaguar Nation. Watching the Braves celebrate reminded me of watching kids smile at Christmas. Every ASU alumni and fan hugged and cried as if someone had won the lotto. Coach Hopson has done something that no other SWAC coach has done. He, as a white American, came into an HBCU school mwith little resources and made due as many of would say. He took what players that were left by previous coach Marvin Spears and turned them into super stars and winners. Not to knock Grambling’s Brian Fobbs , Coach Hopson should be in that conversation as well. QB John Gibbs has become the face of Alcorn’s program. As he was voted the game’s Most Outsatnding Player, he welcome it in his home town. Southern University on the other hand had a great year and the Jaguars were classy in defeat. The Jaguars will be back. Until next time…….realsportsrealtalk…….


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