Good morning, I hope everyone has a blessed day…..Now let’s get to it. What just took place on Monday was mind blowing. This is the time of year that many coaches get their pink notices. However, PVAMU’S now former coach, HICE NORTHERN WAS RELIEVED OF HIS DUTIES as Head Coach. Bubba McDowell has been named interium coach until further notice. My Take……Northern is my homeboy and a good friend of mine , however he has put in work in the SWAC and at PVAMU. He was Defensive Coodinator when the Panthers won the SWAC championship in 2009. He built their defense into the SWAC’s best as the Panthers dominated that 2009 season with historic wins over Southern, Grambling State and Alcorn State to name a few. That year LB ZACH EAST was SWAC’S Defensive Player of the Year. Northern’s recruiting also helped as he was able to tap into Southern’s and Grambling’s recruiting area and grab some great players. As he was promoted to head coach, he stabilized the program as PVAMU became a nprogram to be recond with. The Panthers had gotten back their respect from all conference schools. Northern also empahasized education as a huge majority of players went on and graduated from the program. There were a few that signed NFL and CFL contracts to continue their playing careers. Hice Northern has the program in the right direction. However, like most schools , there are folks who have concerns and would like their imput as it results in more wins fro the program. Not realizing that Northern recruited players with hardly a recruiting budget nor anything to show. Yes , PVAMU finally got their Stadium but nothing has been put up just yet. Northern only had a picture to show recruits and his promise. Programs like Southern, Alabama State, Alcorn, Texas Southern and even Mississippi Valley had upgraded their facilities. PVAMU was only making broken promises until the money was availble to even release the renderings of their new stadium. HICE NORTHERN played the game with a short deck. Now, these old PVAMU heads want to use his lack of wins as their reason to fire this guy. The guy won 5 out of their last 6 games and the offense put up points in a majority of their games. PVAMU was never shut out. In respect to coach Northern, the guy put seat and tears into that program and only field minimum results but those results were positive as their record wins improved to 5-5, 5-4 in SWAC play finishing behind well established programs like Southern and Grambling. Playing with a short stick has it’s advantages and I really think that Northern played with a short stick against schools who played with longer sticks and guns. Well, at the end pof the day, my take :: THERE IS AN UNJUSTIFIED FIRING at PVAMU!!!!….Realsportsrealtalk!!

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