Good morning, I hope that everyone is having a blessed day. OK, Let’s get to it. The Grambling State Tigers have seen what it’s like to be at the bottom of the pit. Over the last two years, the Tigers were shackeled with 3 losing seasons which included an emabrrassing forfiet to Jackson State last season. Once a proud program under legendary Eddie Robinson and Doug Williams , the Tigers had lost it’s pride and swagger. Last season was the nail in the coffin as Doug Williams was fired two games into the season and replaced by George Ragsdale who was fired 6 games who was replaced by Dennis Winston was was let go at season’s end. The school went through a tough off season as the president and AD were let go and along with the Men’s basketball coach , replaced by interium candidates to help through the ongoing changes. Well, once they new interium president arrived, she over hauled the entire school administration and brought in people capable of getting the program back on top. JASON MEDLOCK, was brought in to reorganize the entire athletic structure as well as bring in much needed donations from near in far from trusted business adversaries who had Grambling State’s interest. The next hire would change the face of the football program. BRIAN FOBBS , a former Tiger himself was hired to lead the struggling program back to greatness. With his ideas furmulated from Eddie Robinson and his father Lee Fobbs, the Tiger Football program has seen a reminscince of its old self. Fobbs brought in assistant coaches who would share the same passion for winning as well as passion for the student athletes. After a tough spring and summer, the Tigers came to camp with a fresh new look on the 2014 season. With a few new players and some cancerous players removed, the Tigers hit the field looking for a taste of victory. Losing their first three games was tough, however, many saw a different team from last season as the Tigers player up against stiff competition and held their own. Heading into Jackson with an 0-3 record didn’t seem to good also. JSU wanted the Tigers to pay for their lost homecoming game last season as well as pay for the financial losses in turn. However, Fobbs had a diferent plan and it worked. The GSU TIgers defeated JSU and finally broke through with a major victory over the program that minick them for the entire season. Fobbs had given the Tigers hope. Heading into Dallas to take on a tough PV in the Cotton Bowl was sort of a validation as the Tigers won 26-20. However, heading into NormaL , Alabama to take on Alabama A&M would move the Tigers to 3-0. Well, as Fobbs would have it, the Tigers won 38-28 and they Tigers beleive that they have arrived. Heading into this Saturday showdown at home against a much improved and hot Alcorn State team would ad more validation to the Tiger’s season and possibly put them in place at a birth to the SWAC championship game in Houston. The Braves come in 4-0 in Swac and have been red hot of late. This is a tough task for a Tiger team finally finding their identity. Coach Fobbs has done a masterful job of getting GSU back up todate and now are leading the West division by .5 games over TSU and Southern. With his father, Lee standing behind him and Eddie Robinson looking down, there is nowhere but up for those Grambling State Tigers……..realsportsrealtalk_


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