NFL FOOTBALL: Houston, we have a problem……

Good morning folk, I hope that your day is as blessed as ever.  Well lets get right to it. In NFL action, many teams kept up with their winning ways and many teams kept up with their losing ways. Here in Houston, the beat goes on as the Texans drop another one to the 4-6 Oakland Raiders. To me , it seems that the team has imploded and with Coach Gary Kubiak being sideline, Wade Phillips is driving a lemon compared to the last two years when the Texans was a Royse Royce. Now Bob McNair has some thinking to do. Will Kubiak who just signed an extention been the man for the long haul or will he be gone along with GM puppet Rick Smith. QB Matt Schuab has not lived up to his capabilities and they Texans have squandered many games with bone headed plays. Schuab has simply lost confidence and the Texans has lost focus. TJ Yates was given a chance and the same results. The hometown favorite seems to be Case Keenum as he has duplicated his college years at University of Houston with his play of late. Aaron Foster has beeb banged up and now Ben Tate must carry the load. On defense , the Texans defensive secondary has been riddled with giving up big plays and the lost of ED REED. Throw in a sideline spat with Matt and Andre Johnson and you have a time bomb ready to explode. With only less then a fourth of their season play, the Texans are playing for a number draft pick again. Question is, will Rick Smith and Gary Kubiak be making the pick or will it be a new coach. Time will tell but I really think changes need to be made. What yall think……..realsportsrealtalk…..


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