Good morning folk, God is able….Ok lets get to it….In NFL football , there were many exciting games , however the one that stood out the most was the so called DEZ BRYANT vs. CALVIN JOHNSON matchup as the Lions hosted the Cowboys. Well , it started out as expected as Dallas built a lead early on. However the Lions made a run but still needed a much needed play to win. With the Cowboys holding on to a 30-24 lead , Dez Bryant made a great catch to give them that lead. With under a minute, the Lions matched down the field as Matt Stafford scored on a QB sneak to give the Lions a 31-30 win. Now, as we know Dez isn’t a clean guy6 himself ,however he does holds himself as well as his teammates to a higher degree as it relates to winning. As I watched the confrontation on the sideline , it looked to me that DEZ was talking directly to JASON WITTEN. With Demarcus Ware being the peace maker, DEZ didnt hold back any any feeling about winning and any feelings about Witten along with other teammates. Dez has made some improvements in his off the field demeanor. However, his on the field habits has improved drastically. He has lead the Cowboys in recieving yards and has TD’S to proive it. His “Micheal Irvin” attitude has gotten the Cowboys much attention but winning. Eventhough they lost Sunday, they still lead the NFC East by one game. Many critics have given their take on DEZ. Some say he is too ghetto and some say he is a competitor. Dez has been through alot since his days growing up in Lufkin , Texas. After graduating , he attended Oklahouma State where he was an All American until the NCAA dealt him a blow his senior season. After being drafted by the Cowboys , Dez had the Mall incident and the incident with his mother ,  that lead to his contract being updated with new incident clauses. After finally accepting his faults, Dez has now accepted the challenged of getting the Cowboys back to the Super Bowl. Only problem is , is some of his teammates on board. Stay Tune…….realsportsrealtalk……


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I am a inspiring Athletic Director who enjoys sports converstion with the best. I really enjoy connecting with top athletic administrators and sports enthusiasts. LETS TALK REAL SPORTS..REAL TALK......with BEEASY...
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