NCAA Football : The Grambling shananigans is finally over!!!

God morning my good people, I hope your day is filled with love and harmony… Well lets get right to it. Its been a very busy week in college football as as many as 5 top 10 teams were upset over the weekend. However, the biggest storylines included the Grambling State Tigers football team taking on the Grambling State University Administration. The Tigers made history when they choose not to practice nor play until conditions at the school’s athletic facilty were looked into. The Tigers have been spiraling out of control since losing Doug Williams as coach and has lost 15 straight dating back to last season. Admist all the mess are the school’s president , Athletic Director, and others. The players simply wanted respect and support from the GSU leaders and felt they were not not getting that. Taking long bus rides to “classic games ” while the opposing team flew was just  start. Being upset at Williams firing was part as well as being upset at former interium coach George Ragsdale for dismissing a beloved player. All this an a can of negro politics added to an explosion heard all mover the world. Now , Jackson State had to eat a loss of funds as well as a homecoming built for a king. Now the Blue Bengals were left with only a halftime show and tons of barbque to chew on. Meanwhile, as the strike continued, It took a word from former coach Doug Williams , Charlie Neal , former GSU greats Howard Davis among others to get the Tigers back on the field. Coach Dennis Winston leads to the Tigers for the remainder of the season with new changes coming. As of today, Muscle Milk has donated a package that should last the rest of the season. The weight room will get a $32,000 upgrade among other things. I am pretty sure that other donations will come in for the hapless program. The Grambling Tigers made history but the administration made the national headlines. All in all , GSU represents HBCU’s and with the attention it gained , I think that every HBCU suffers from the same fate as GSU does. My point , people last through tough times but strong people last through all times…….realsportsrealtalk…


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