SWAC FOOTBALL: Did Doug Williams didn’t get a chance at redemption?

Good morning and I am amped up for another day that the lord has made. The past week has been an exciting week for all college football lovers as well as a shocking week as a SUPER BOWL hero and a HBCU great is given the axe at his alma mater. Let’s start with Nick Saban showing America why Alabama is number 1 by defeating Johnny football and the Aggies on the road. Great win for the Tide. Also, just after losing the second game of the season, Grambling State administration made a shocking move heard throughout college football by firing their former All American DOUG WILLIAMS as their head coach. Williams has lead the G-MEN to several SWAC championships and just recently in 2011. However, 2012 and 2013 produced a record of 1-14 which didnt set well with the school administration. Williams bas been criticized for having his son start at QB for the Tigers when better talent was available. Williams also took heat for suing the school for back salary however, not enough wins came as a result. Now my take is , you dont fire a man that has given the school 4 SWAC trophies as a coach 2 games into the season. Williams needed time to get his players in plus hed needed time to mold his son as well as find another QB for the future. The timing was wrong from the start. Williams should have lasted the entire season , then you pull the trigger if need be. The GSU prez made a hasty decision based on what anti Williams folks sensed and it became a PR night mare. Eddie Robinson and Collie Nicholson created a program that reamained a monster for many years. They put GSU on the national scene in 1967 as the documentary ” Grambling College aired on CBS depicting the tiny school as a breeding place for NFL players alike. In 1968, the GMEN played on national TV in the first annaul Whitney Young Classic in Yankee Staduim which was attended by 70k plus. The GMEN later appeared as a regular on ABC’s college broadcast throuhout the 70’s. Eddie Robinson became the winniest coach in college fooball in 1997 with a win at home over Mississippi Valley State 42-6. The program took a dip in Robinson’s latter years however upon retiring, it was WILLIAMS who took control and lead the Tigers to 3 more SWAC rings. Rod Broadway continue the tradition winning a few more and Doug won one more in 2011. The Grambling football program has produced many NFL greats and to see Williams fired after 2 games shows me that the school didn’t do their homework in regards to firing a man who has echted history into the school’s record books. I really believe that GSU Prez acted to hasty in making an informed decision. Will George Ragsdale make a difference ?. I really dont thinks so. Doug wasn’t given a chance a redemption at his alama mater. GSU football program could suffer a few more years of instability. Would that weakened the malign former powerhouse or recreate the good ole days on the red dirt?……realsportsrealtalk!

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2 Responses to SWAC FOOTBALL: Did Doug Williams didn’t get a chance at redemption?

  1. Gary Robertson says:

    I agree he should have been allowed to at least finish the season.

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