Good morning my good people. I am back for another dose of sports reality check. Well, it’s all of the sports wire and now coaches and former coaches are reacting alike. Texas A&M’S JOHNNY MANZIEL has taken on another characteristic that has folks up in awe right now. As we all know, Maniel has had quite a bit of a summer as the heisman trophy winner. Only a Freshmen, he has taken college football by a storm. However, his off the field behavior has done nothing short of peaches and cream. Many folk like myself believe that JOHNNY FOOTBALL was created by former assistant now head coach at Texas Tech Kliff Kingsbury , who was Maniel position coach the previous year. However, since A&M has had so much monetary sucess from Manziel’s trophy, many school administrators have come to the defense of Manziel. The NCAA invetigated and gave him a 2 quater suspension last week against Rice. Once Manziel stepped on the field, it was like old times again. Manziel did his part and gave them 3 touchdowns along with several high plays. However, he gave the media something else. When Manziel approached the sideline, he waved off Sumlin. Sumlin along with other coaches say different but video don’t lie. I saw a brash cocky college kid wave off his coach. Many former coaches like Barry Switzer and Lou Holtz stated that Manziel would have been laying on the field. Respect is what they demand and they deserve from all of their players. I really think that Manziel is a spoiled brat who really thinks that he is bigger then the football program. A trophy doesn’t dictate who you really are. However, it seems to me that the powers that be seems to feel that the billions of dollars that Manziel has brought to the school is more important than Sumlin’s worth and respect as a coach. This really bothers me due to the fact that an African American coach has done great things at this university including a top five finish and only thing they are concerned with is the dollar welfare of Johnny Manziel. I really feel bad for DEZ BRYANT and others who lost their seasons over nothing compared to this dude who signed over 4k items but he claimed he never got paid a dime. Ole Dez eats a sandwich at Deion Sanders home and he loses a season. AGAIN, WHO IS IN CONTROL?……..realsportsrealtalk.


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