SWAC FOOTBALL: Upset Special……JSU over TULANE……

Good noon yall. It’s that time again and it starts Thursday in the Mercedes Benz Superdome as the Jackson State Tigers take a trip down 55 to take on The Green Wave of Tulane. It’s the opener for both teams and I can see a ton of mishaps however, I really do believe that the Tigers may have one up on the Greenies. Coach Rick Comengy has done a great job of preparing his Tigers for the show down. J State will decide on the QB today only if Clayton Moore, Last year’s starter is fit or go with the youngem in Ivy. Ivy is a big 6’3 230 with a missle for an arm. Moore has the legs and the experience though. Jackson State always boolster athletes and this year is no difference. Losing WR Rico Richardson hurts but if you look at the roster, more of the big WR’S are there. The Tigers lost alot on defense but they did reload with a few DI transfers also. Special teams will play a huge part as well. Rick Comengy’s 8 years tell a story of the Tigers. The Greenies on the other hand are simply fighting for respect. Curtis Johnson in his second year has had a year of ups and downs. Johnson just suspended 4 players for the game. He just named Joe Montana son , Nick the starting QB. Tulane has lacked a big name since the days of Matt Forte. The Green wave offense must control the line of scrimmage and put up some points if they want to win. The defense must stabilize the Tigers athletic ability. However, simple mistakes can cost a team the game. The Tigers are making the trip to the Dome the first time since the days of James Bell. They will be wide eyed as they play in a huge NFL venue. However the Wave must start fast to off set the Tigers. This is my upset special……..realsportsrealtalk…….


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