NBA : Heat looks Hot , LA looks cold , Spurs look just Right!!!

Good morning people, God is good and so am I…..Well let’s get right to it….NBA season is about mid way completed and a few teams look like they are ready and some look like they are throwing in the towel. Yesterday, a few national televised games gave America something to look forward to after the All Star break. The Miami Heat looks like a champion again. Lebron, Wade , Bosh all look un stoppable plus you add in Chalmers with Battier…..Heat is complete…..Lebron and Wade toyed with the Lakers yesterday as they were able to pull away late in the 4th to win at home over the reeling Lakers. Now don’t get me wrong. L.A. is only 2 games behind Houston for the 8th spot and the second half of the season is still to come. I believe the Lakers will put a string together and make a push for atleast the 7th spot in the NBA West. As you already know, some teams will falter down the stretch. The S.A. Spurs looked like a veteran team who stills know how to win on the road without their heavy hitters. The Spurs experienced took a toll on the BROOKLYN Nets as they came from behind and got a much needed win to stay ahead of K.D. and the OKC Thunder in the West. There are other teams who have styed afloat as we move to the mid point of the season. Denver , Memphis, OKC, CLippers , seem to be safe as playoff contenters. CELTICS , BULLS, PACERS,and The KNICKS seem to have a tight grip on making it to post season as well……Stay tuned as we move into the second half of the NBA season to see which teams will be contenders and which teams will be protenders………realsportsrealtalk……..


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