Good morning America, God is good all the time……OK , Let me get this off my mind before I began my work day. Yesterday, I phone the Fox affiliate of Baton Rouge , Louisisana ..910 AM and spoke live on the air about the Super Bowl and my take on Ray Lewis. However, the radio guy, sort of gave me his opinion about Ray as if he is still convinced that Lewis is a murderer. Well , I look at it like this. Ray was young and he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. However, he did go through the judicial system in which he was exonerated from all charges. He then went on to lead the Ravens to another SUPER BOWL as well as several more playoff births. He has a ton of Pro Bowl picks as well as a final return trip to the Super Bowl. In my opinion , there are many guys who have done more and folk still love them…..ROGER CLEMONS and LANCE ARMSTRONG just to name a few. Last night , I watched a replay of Shannon Sharpe’s interview in 2001 when he came to the aid of Ray during their first Super Bowl trip. Sharpe mildly put it…..” Ray Lewis is a damn good football player and a damn good person. For anyone to judge him as a murderer is totally rediculous.” Sharpe basically put the media at awe with his grit for his former teammate. Since the Ravens have defeated America’s top two QB’S , Manning and Brady, Ray Lewis has gotten all type of criticism from his past. Is that hate or what. Folk should judge Lewis for his on the field heriocs instead of presuming that the man was guilty of something back in 2001. I have witnessed WES WECKER wife blast LEWIS after the Ravens beat the PATS to recieve their trip to New Orleans for the SUPER BOWL. Wecker later apologized for her remarks but that there is only a small fraction of what many AMericans feel toward Ray Lewis. Is that fair. My question? Did he take any enhancing drugs to enhance his performance on the field , then lie about it. Well , many prominent athletes did and they face scrutiny. What is it with all those double standards. OK..Many folk make mistakes , but when the judge exonerate the victim, why is it that folks still beleive that folk are still guitly of a crime they didn’t commit. Instead celebrating the Super return to New Orleans with the two best teams in the NFL , we continue to focus on the negative…..can we still get Ray Lewis convicted of murder….a crime he didn’t commit. IN concluding, if the Ravens win , it will be something………realsportsrealtalk


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