Realsportsrealtalk: It’s 2013 , More lies and deceipt echos in our sports world.

Morning folk, I want to say Happy  New year and welcome back to some real sports conversation you can use. Well lets’s jump into it. 2013 is here and already we have folk telling lies and playing hoax on America. Lance Armstrong, the Gold medal cyclist from nearby Austin , Texas has been found guilty of doping charges appeared on Oprah Winfrey and told America that he doped…..My my my…..What brought about the truth ?…Armstrong later was stripped of his Gold medals and now has a tarnished reputation witin society. I guess he needed to get the devil out of him by telling the truth.. ….Armstrong has done alot for Cancer organizations and hopefully God can forgive him for his lie. Meanwhile on the college scene , it seems to me that Alabama beat the snot out of Notre Dame so badly that one of the Irish star players had to creat e this fictional girlfriend via Twitter to deadened the pain. M’Teo , the All American LB for the Irish created a media buzz when he declared that his make beleive girlfriend had sort of broken his heart. Now after gaining a ton of followers , it was all a hoax he said…..Now he has to face the public with this sort of embarrassment. Notre Dame has came to his rescue by stating that until the facts come out , he will be protected. Now the Irish folks want T’eo to speak with the public about his hoax. Many so called women have came to his rescue however, it seems to be to late….How will this hoax effect hi as he prepares for the upcoming draft?…..Liars are somewhat hard to believe. As the water boils, time will only tell. On the NBA scene , it seems to me that ” HONEY NUT CHEERIOS ” has sparked a world wide popularity among a certain NBA player. Kevin Garnett plays with intensity every night. However, as the Celtics visited the Knicks, things got a bit heated when Garnett trash talking lead to a sort of minor scuffle with Carmelo Anthony. KG was to have said that a bowl of HONEY NUT CHEERIOS reminded him of Melo’s wife LALA…..Meaning it taste good. Well , Melo didn’t take it too well and even waited for KG at the Celtic’s team bus. As we move closer to the All Star game here in Houston, I wonder if cereal will be a topic on the East SQUAD. As you may already know, KG and Melo are both starting ……..mmmmmmm realsportsrealtalk…..


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I am a inspiring Athletic Director who enjoys sports converstion with the best. I really enjoy connecting with top athletic administrators and sports enthusiasts. LETS TALK REAL SPORTS..REAL TALK......with BEEASY...
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