Moning folk, I am back at it again and ready to take this thing to another level. OKAY , SWAC football has opened up and alot of teams have stumbled out the gate early on however we must give them the benefit of the doubt. With ALABAMA A&M being the only undefeated team in conference at 2-0 , many folk may beleieve that the Bulldogs might be the team to beat. Well, it’s still early and many teams haven’t played their first conference game yet. Schools like JACKSON STATE, SOUTHERN , GRAMBLING , TEXAS SOUTHERN and PVAMU have suffered humiliating losses over the span of a week. However those schools have raked in a nice chunk of cash to off set their losses within their athletic department. DOUG WILLIAMS stateds early during the off season the the conference was in process of being out of business if it’s management doesn’t improve. Playing FCS schools helps a bit due to the fact the they are willing to pay 6 figures to beat your head in. SWAC Comissioner Duer Sharper has done grande ole job in getting more sponsorship on board plus hiring an PR firm is not bad to help the SWAC gain national appeal. Schools however must do a better job from within. Schools like Texas Southern , which is inelible from SWAC post season has hired former SHAW UNIVERSITY coach Daryl Asberry as their new head coach to reshape the football program as as of today, Asberry has done so with a 1-1 recored heading into this weekend big show down with Jackson State. A big win over PVAMU to start the season off got the Asberry regime off to a grande start. Southern University’s Stump Mitchell is sort of a lame duck as we speak. Mitchell in his last year of his three year contract and must prove to the Jaguar Nation, that he can win. DOUG WILLIAMS and HICE NOTHERN are proven winners with both the Panthers and Tigers winning Swac rings over the last  years. ALCORN STATE welcomes JAY HOPSON, the league first WHITE head coach and already Hopson has defeated Grambling early on making waves within the league. JSU’S Rick Comengy , Alabama State’s REGGIE BARLOW and AAMU’S ANTHONY JONES seem to be the old stalworth’s of the Eastern division fighting it out every year. UAPB’S MONTE COLEMAN is still trying to win respect in the West as he plays spoiler roles however he has Birmingham on his mind this year. Finally, KARL MORGAN and his MVSU DELTA DEVILS seek to win at least one or two games in the SWAC but must play a full complete game to accomplish that. In concluding, the SWAC still plays up to their standards , however playing money games only helps in more ways than one……….realsportsrealtalk……

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