NCAA Football : MIZZOU and TAMU gets a rude awakening in SEC FOOTBALL

Morning folk, been a while but I am back on the block. Well lets’ gewt right to it. This time last season, University of Missouri and Texas A&M had enough of playing second fiddle to University of Texas and Oklahouma in the BIG XII and they were ready to strike out on their own. The SEC looked like a better deal with more revenue coming their way. After months of discussion both , the TIGERS and AGGIES were accepted into the SEC and with the start of the 2012 football season, excitement ranged with the communities of College Station and Columbia. However, due to the passing fancy of the BIG XII , both schools were blind sided by the power sets of the SEC’S Georgia Bulldogs and the Florida Gators. As Texas A&M welcomed in the Kevin Sumnlin regime, the SEC welcomed in the Aggies to a brand of football that consisted of pounding the ball right down your throat. As the Gators pounded the Aggies slide to a 20-17 home defeat. The Sumlin era began on a bad note. The Aggies were manhandled and pushed around as the Gators used their athletic ability to match the spread offense of the Aggies. In Columbia , the Bulldogs came from behind to defeat the Tigers with old fashion football. Running the ball against a smaller defense and simply wearing them down in the end cost the Tigers. The Bulldogs defense lead by their All American LB cause Tiger’s James Franklin to throw interception after interception leading to the Tigers’ welcoming party to become a Bulldog Block party.  Both of those teams seemed ready to prove themselves however after Saturday’s defeat, they may whant to change their philosphies soon becuase the NFL’S Pro Style offense is heavily involved in most SEC’S team offensive packages and they are build to wear opposing teams down. In concluding , they SEC welcomes The Mizzou Tigers AND the Texas Aggies to big time football……….realsportsrealtalk…


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