NBA : Linsanity lands in Houston, however GM Morey still falls short !!!

Morning folks, glad to be back on the block ready to talk realsportsrealtalk. Well as we all know , free agent freenzy is in full swing…Joe Johnson lands in Brooklyn , Ray Allen leads in Miami , Dwight Howard has plans on landing in the City of Angels and now Jeremy Lin, the so called LINSANITY has returned to Houston after failing to make the squad before the season last year. Well folk, it seems to me that the old age tale of most owners in the NBA is to make money , however there are some that prefer spending money to win a championship. My take is that Houston and GM Daryl Morey rather tap into the Asian community for funds rather than build a championship quality team as most teams do. Not to say that Lin isn’t a good NBA player but to offer that much cash for a player who ONLY had flashes during Carmelo Anthony’s absent seems a bit too much. New York, the media capital of the world had plans on keeping the Asian player however, it seems to me the Morey became desperate and throw tons of dough on the table that Lin couldn’t refuse. Now the Rockets gains another media darling to replace YAO MING , however the question remains ” Can Lin lead the Rockets to the top”?. Now let me see….Morey let go of Samuel Damlebert , Kyle Lowery , Chase Budinger , Courtney Lee , Marcus Camby , and  Luis Scola just to name a few. Morey decided to gamble on the Dwight Howard sweepstakes and lost. Now the attention is on the Bulls BACK UP CENTER ASIK. I guess pairing Lin with Asik and the other D League type of free agents should give the city of Houston something to be proud of. In actuality , Morey has given up more valueable pieces for a chance at a prize that NEVER wanted to come to Houston. My next question is why is it that Houston is not attractive like it was years ago. The Rockets are viewed as a team with no star power. YAO paired up with Steve Francis and Tracy MacGrady and to no avail produced no rings nor conference or divisonal champions. Now Lin will be paired with whoever but still to no avail will produce anything less of a playoff birth. I , like many other competitive sports have begin to question the Rocket’s brass motives……..WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS or MAKE MONEY…………realsportsrealtalk….


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