Morning folk, God is doing wonderful things everyday. Well, lets hit it hard this morning. After watching the first round of opening games this weekend, the favorites came through in the end while one team gave up homecourt in the process. Teams like the Heat, Bulls , Lakers, Spurs, Clippers, Hawks and Thunder held serve however, the Magic had other plans in Indianopolis. Lebron and company dismantled the Knicks in game one , The Lakers powered over the Nuggets , The Spurs used smart and clever play in their win over the Jazz, The Clippers came from behind to win in Memphis and The Hawks talent over shadowed the men in green in the ATL. The Magic had something to prove and without Dewight Howard in the mix, BIG BABY DAVIS and the rest of the crew went to work. On a sour note, the Bulls got a grande win over the Sixers, however they lost a very important piece to their team when Derek Rose tore his ACL and  is lost for the year. The Bulls have been playing great ball during Rose’s absence. Players like Loul Deng, C.J.Watson , Carlos Boozer , Jakim Noah , and John Lucas have stpped up in a big way. You have to give the Bulls credit. They did not hit the panic button so quick. They came together and now have something to prove against anyone. With the possibility of matching up with against the Hawks and Heat , the Bulls might miss ROSE’S leadership as well as scoring prowness. However, the Bulls have come full circle after losing their captain to injury. Coach Tom Thibideaux has done a miraculous job in defending his decision pn playing Rose late in the game against the Sixers. He has also handle the situation within the media as professioanl as possible. Rose was in the papers early last week for being so nonchalent in dealing with his celebrity status in Chicago. He is seen sort of like Micheal Jordan in his heyday with the Bulls. Rose , a soft spoken guy has had his ups and downs since being drafted number one in Chicago a few years ago. The native Chicagoian has represented his home town with winning several awards including Rookie of the year and MVP awards as well. Rose will be soley missed during this years playoffs mainly by the fans but more importantly by the league. Yes, the NBA will miss Derek Rose on the court. What do yall think?……..realsportsrealtalk…….

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I am a inspiring Athletic Director who enjoys sports converstion with the best. I really enjoy connecting with top athletic administrators and sports enthusiasts. LETS TALK REAL SPORTS..REAL TALK......with BEEASY...
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