Morning folks, God is doing wonderful things everyday. Okay, Let’s get right into it. Yesterday, I broke down the Eastern Conference first round matchups with the Bulls , Heat, Pacers and Hawks predicted to win their first round series respectively. Now it’s time for the Wild , wild, West to be examined here. After watching the Lakers defeat the Thunder this past Sunday , I have come to a conclusion that the West might be an OK Corral shoot out. The playoff matchups looks very intrigiung indeed this year. Lets break them down.

1 San Antonio vs. 8 Utah/Phoenix winner

Well , things seem to never change for POP and those expereienced Spurs. With Tim Duncan and Tony Parker leading the way , San Antonio looks like a winner once again. Pop has done another grande job at assembling a nice crop of youth to surround his older veterans which equals a possible trip back to the finals……..realsportsrealtalk prediction…………Spurs in 5..

2 Oklahoma City vs. 7 Dallas

This could be an upset if the young Thunder don’t under estimate those Mavs. I really think that Mark Cuban was hoping for a matchup like this. The Thunder are lead by the Batman and Robin tatum of Kevin Durante and Robert Westbrook which cab cause havok to many oppossing teams. Dirk still leads the way for the Mavs and in a seven game series , cause a few problems if Terry and Marion come to play………….realsportsrealtalk prediction……Thunder in 7….

3. L.A. Lakers vs. 6 Denver

This matchup could be short or be long..depending on which Denver team comes to play. The Lakers have seem Andrew Bynum play like a mad man since Kobe injry and now he is seem as a new force the Lakers have developed. Bynum along with Kobe and Gasol poses alot of problems for the Nuggets………..realsportsrealtalk prediction….Lakers in 6

4. L.A.Clippers vs. 5 Memphis

Well folk, this one here could be one for the books. With both L.A. teams getting home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs, the city of Angels will be jumping. The Clippers are lead by the tatem of Blake Griffin and Chris Paul. With De Andre Jordan and Kenyon Martin tag teaming inside, the Clippers have a shot at creating a serious buzz in the West. The Grizz are lead by Mike Conley and Zach Randolph and copuld give the Clippers a little problem if taken lightly……….realsportsrealtalk…….Clippers in 6

The Western Conference first round match ups are very intersting to say the least. Home court offers a slight advantage however, there are a few teams who actually play better on the road than at home. Time will tell……


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