Morning folks, God is good all the time. Took a short break after the NCAA’s but I am revived and ready to get in it…..Well after watching Kobe’s heroics against the Thunder yesterday afternoon, I concluded that the Lakers and the Spurs will challenge the young Thunder for supremecy in the West. However, during that game , an accident or malicious act took place involving the Laker’s Metta World Peace. We all remember RON ARTEST aka Metta World Peace past as he was involved in the malee in Detriot a few years ago that left him branded as a bad boy of the league. Also , Peace had other on and off the court issues that dogged him as well. However , after doing ager management and getting with many positive people around the league, Peace was able start anew with his rep as well as with new teams. He changed his name and did a ton of charity work for the league as well as for himself. However, this past Sunday reminded the nation of the old Ron Artest with that vicious hit to the head of the Thunder’s James Harden. Peace said it was inadvertly but many folks believe that it was meant for him as a sign of anger. Looking at the replays reminds me of the old Ron Artest. The hit was un called for and he should be punished if not supended for the entire season. Celabrating a dunk over Kevin Durante doesn’t call for anyone to be hit with a hard elbow causing a concussion. Harden was simply going to help with the inbound of the ball after Peace scored on the play. Many N.B.A critics will hav ethere say on this issue for some time however, if Metta World Peace wants to keep earning N.B.A dollars, he must cleans himself inside and out of emotional events that causes him to react as he did on Sunday. David Stern will probably suspend him indefintly but it may be reduced to one or two games depending on a various of things. What do yall think?….realsportsrealtalk.


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