NFL: Did the Saints go out of their boundaries with BOUNTIES?

Morning folk, God is good all the time. Well let’s get right into to it. The talk of the sports world has to be the NEW ORLEANS SAINTS punishment of their head coach SEAN PAYTON and former Defensive Coordinator GREG WILLIAMS who were banned from coaching this up and coming year and if their appeal is denied , they could be done in the NFL permanently. Well let’s talk about these bounties. It’s seems to me that the Saints were not the only team to offer bounties as they are called. Bounties sound so harsh but they are really used to motivate players to play harder for the win. Who would play hard to get an extra 5K added to his check. However, the NFL sees different. Most top NFL executives sees this as a negative way of turning football into a brutially sport that is thriving off bodily harm based on incentive pay. Several top players in the league had bounties on their heads when playing the Saints folks say. From QB’S to WR’S , a injury that would take out a star player of the opposing team meant that that team losing offensive power and the Saint’s gain and advantage over them possibly leading to a win. Those defensive players usually gain a nice piece of change for their hits. Many folk are supporting the Saint’s claim also. Like many other folks say, there are other teams doing the same thing. Also , after being taped during the halftime of a playoff game this year, GREG WILLIAMS did mention about putting a hat on a few 49ers who gave the Saints problems. However, after listeninig to the piece myself, it really sounded like a motivational speech to me. Bounties are meant to motivate players …not to break players up and kill their careers. I always thought that being in the NFL or the NBA was like being part of a fraternity. Every player seemed to enjoy their profession as well as their fruits of labor. All of a sudden the NFL has become the MMA of professional football. If ROGER GOODELL really wants to make a point, he should make it across the board for all teams. Using the Saints as a scape goat is only the starting point. Bounties have been going on for many years, but from a fan’s point of view, who would know. Playing football is risk just like driving to work. Anything can happen. Does SEAN PAYTON deserve a year off? Does GREG WILLIAMS deserve a permanent ban ? Does JOHNATHAN VILMA and other Saints players deseverve suspensions as well as forfieture of pay?..Time will tell shortly realsportsrealtalk!


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