Morning folks, God is doing miraculous things. Add to add to that, last night the entire nation saw JOHN CALIPARI do another miraculous thing….beat BILL SELF and win the National Championship. Calipari matched wits with Self and pulled out one hell of a rabbit out of his hat. Self had already defeated him a few years back in San Antonio to win the National Championship. Payback was sweet for Calipari and his youth movement of the KENTUCKY WILDCATS. Lead by the 2012 Naismith Player of the year , ANTHONY DAVIS , the Wildcats lead throughout the entire game. After several KANSAS runs, the Wildcats hit big shots to deflate any comeback of sorts from the Jayhawks. Davis had 16 boards , several blocks and assist to go with his decent point total. Throw in Teague, Jones and Miller who hit big shots and crashed the boards to help Davis off set All American Thomas Robinson, the Wildcats control the entire tempo of the game. What folk really wanted to see was what kid of adjustments was Bill Self going to make at halftime. Well, John Calipari made some adjustments as well and it reall7y game the Jayhawks fits. Terrance Jones did a wonderful job on Robinson. Robinson did manage his nation leading double double stat but was not enough. Calipari not only did he win the game, he finally got the monkey off his back while down in New Orleans. With wins over high credible coaches , Rick Pitino and Bill Self, Caliapri can know put to rest the one and done and quick notion of only being able to coach talent label to rest. Calipari also won with class…..really!…During the trophy presentation , he really acknowledged ANTHONY DAVIS and his family for allowing him to develop under his direction. Calipari than gave DAVIS’ grandmother some love as well. My hat goes out to Kansas and Bill Self for doing another grade job of leading his program to the top once more. However, last night was the night for BIG BLUE…..The Kentucky Wildcats , JOE B. HALL , and the history of the program. The SEC school actually cashed in on their expensive hire. The moniker ” you pay for what you get ” , was right on time last night. Congratualtions to the Wildcats of Kentucky , John Caliapri and the entire blue grass family…….realsportsrealtalk!


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I am a inspiring Athletic Director who enjoys sports converstion with the best. I really enjoy connecting with top athletic administrators and sports enthusiasts. LETS TALK REAL SPORTS..REAL TALK......with BEEASY...
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