Morning folk, God is good all the time. OK, Let’s jump right into this thing here. After watching 3 weeks of NCAA men’s basketball games, two things came to past : KENTUCKY is the best team in the field as of this morning and Kansas’ BILL SELF is flat out ” out coaching ” every one else in the tournament. Yes, their have been good coaching but none have done what SELF has done and continues to do down in New Orleans. I met Bill Self when I was an assistant high school coach here in Houston a few years ago. GARY JOHNSON, was a highly recruited player from Aldine High School and like Self, many other top name coaches were all over him as well. Though Johnson signed with RICK BARNES and the University of Texas , BILL SELF had taken Kansas to new heights and had done a great job in keeping up the tradition in Lawrence , Kansas. Under Self’s leadership, Kansas has won the last 4 out 5 Big 12 Rings. Self proved that he was a great coach under many top coaches such as LEORNARD HAMILTON and LARRY BROWN just to name a few. However, Self really showed that he was a great marks man when during this year’s NCAA tournament when he fell behind in key games such as against PURDUE, N.C.STATE, and OHIO STATE. During those three games , Self made key substitutions and key moves which allowed the Jayhawks to adapt and make huge runs that would propell them into a win. One game of note included this past game against OHIO STATE. During this game , the BUCKYEYES jumped out early and kept the lead until almost a little over a minute was left in the game. After a time out , Self made several adjustments that caused OHIO STATE all kids of problems and as a result, the Jayhawks put more points on the board in transition which lead to a showdown tonight against the hot and heavy Wildcats. If you can remember, this is sort of a rematch from a few years agao when Self’s Mario Chalmers bucket sealed the deal against CALIPARI’S Derek Rose’s Memphis in San Antonio. Seems like Calipari is back for revenge with his Wildcats. Can Bill Self coach another flawless game ? realsportsrealtalk!


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