Morning folks, God is willing and able!..OK lets get right down to the knitty gritty. Its starting to get a little hot down in New Orleans as we approach FINAL FOUR SATURDAY. Four teams are set to battle for the right to play on Monday night for the crown. Well two of those teams are from the small state of Kentucky and lines have been drawn. Just like the epic Civil War too place splitting up a nation , the state of Kentucky will be split up into halves as well. Half of the state will represent BIG BLUE and the other half will represent CARDINAL RED. This game by many media giants has been label the Battle of Kentucky. ESPN’S crew reported a story that dictated and discripted Coach Rick Pitino and Coach John Calipari’s similaries and their differences in coaching styles, philosphies and even went a bit farther to say they had beef with each other. As you know , both coached in the NBA and both came back to the college ranks. Pitino won a ring at Kentucky before bolting to the NBA. Caliapri won at UMASS before bolting to the NBA as well. Both guys have transcended the college game with their up and down pace of basketball. Both guys also coach many all americans and many of those guys went on to have great NBA careers. I guess one could wonder if Pitino have any regrets about leaving Kentucky after winning a NCAA ring and to see Calipari turn the Wildcat program into a NBA factory off some sorts. Now a days, Pitino has gotten older and more wiser and he really takes to his kids more like a father figure than a coach. He really stresses academics more as he expects his kids to graduate and become productive citizens after leaving him. Calipari on the other hand has become sort of the one and done coach who has now turned the Blue grass program into a NBA SANTUARY for top talent. The lines have been drawn and now its time to see which team is the best team in the state of Kentucky!..What do yall think….realsportsrealtalk.


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