Morning folks, God is doing wonderful things everyday. OK, Lets get into the meat of the matter. After watching the sweet sixteen and the elite 8 dissolve down to the FINAL FOUR , I saw a few teams doing big things. In the South Region, Kentucky and Indiana played old school ball and after an extra period , the WILDCATS pulled off a big one 102-90 and Baylor with those high colored uniforms was taken to the limit against XAVIER however the BEARS prevailed. KENTUCKY went on to prove to America why they are the top ranked team in the tournament by handing the Bears a beat down at its best. Over in the WEST, Rick Pitino used his experience to defeat top rank MICHIGAN STATE while his protege BILLY DONOVAN held on to lead his GATORS to a win over the GOLDEN EAGLES of Marquette. Donovan’s Gators jumped out on the CARDS early however, Pitino’s Cards came from 13 points down to slip by the GATORS and ease on down to the Big Easy. Out in the East, Syracuse got a gift from Wisconsin as the Orange slipped by the Badgers and OHIO STATE raced to a double digit lead against the Bear cats , however, Cinncinatti made a game of it at the end but the Buckeyes took charge late in the game. Ohio State went on to dominate Syracuse inside as the Buckeyes rolled to the win. In the Midwest, UNC got a challenge from OHIO UNIVERSITY however in OT, the TARHEELS prevailed. KANSAS took control early to wipe out the Wolf pack. Kansas then took advantage of UNC’S sloppy gaurd play to punch their ticket to New Orleans as well. Now this year’s FINAL FOUR resembles those of old. With no surpridse teams and all championship worthy teams there, it reminds meof the good ole days. The Kentucky and Louisville matchup has many headlines with Pitino coaching at Kentucky and Louisville and CALIPARI being a good friend as well as a former colleage. However, my take is Kentucky will bang inside and dominate the Cards. Ohio State and Kansas are pegged to be a burn burner however, with Kansas , I am going with the Jay hawks…..On Monday night, Kentucky and Kansas can make history and at the same time make a great champioship game. I am going to roll my dice on Kentucky to take it all. With those great Frosh playing like seniors, Calipari has done a great job on keeping those kids humble so far. Kansas will put up a fight, but the WILDCATS will be un tameable!!!…What do yall think?…realsportsrealtalk!


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  1. darrell says:

    I agree with your predictions. UK over UL and Kansas over Ohio St. But the championship game will be huge. If the big 7footer for Kansas can continue to play well, Kansas may put UK down. We shall see

    • skbeeasy says:

      If i was a betting man, Kentucky would be the team i put my money on. They are well coached and they have all the right tools. Bill Self has done a great job at Kansas also so that championship game should be a good one.

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