Morning folks, just glad to be alive and well. OK, I am taking this thing to another level. I am calling on all major college basketball coaches to check out this hidden gem of a basketball player at NAVARRO JUNIOR COLLEGE , which is playing today at 1 pm in Hutchinson , Kansas in the National Junior College Men’s Basketball Tournament. HYJI THOMAS is the kid’s name. Thomas , a native Houstonian stands about 6’4 190 pounds with a great wing span and could jump out the gym was just voted MVP of his REGION TOURNAMENT in TYLER , TEXAS last weekend. THOMAS , born in Houston, Texas comes from a modest background in the Studewood area located in north side of the city. Thomas played at BOOKER T. WASHINGTON under coach Vincent Grayson for 4 years. Thomas was a bean pole of a kid, however he could always leap out the gym with the rest of them. As he moved up to varsity during his sophomore year, he begin developing into a great player. Under the giudance of GRAYSON, THOMAS developed more and more and later played on the HOUSTON HOOPS AAU team where he was able to travel and play against quality competition. Thomas went on to lead the EAGLES to the Texas State Playoffs his Junior and Senior seasons as he lead the team in scoring as well as other categories. However, he was not highly recruited. Grayson believed that this kid could develop more in a JUCO setting so Thomas signed with NAVARRO JUNIOR in Corsociana , Texas. Thomas life changed as well. HYJII has sort what most African American kid’s face , a DYSFUCTIONAL FAMILY. However, Grayson became sort of a father figure too him and later helped him develop into the player and person he is today. Grayson also made several trips up to NAVARRO to support and see his former player play. Thomas was a rotational player his first year but this year, THOMAS became the STAR player leading NAVARRO to the REGION TITLE as well as leading them into this year’s 2012 NATIONAL JUNIOR COLLEGE BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT in Hutchinson , Kansas. Thomas has been recruited by a few mid-majors , however, this kid has top D-1 talent. Thomas could easily beome this touranment’s MVP as well if he continues to do what he does and that’s score , play defense and lead by example. HYJII THOMAS can play with the best of them. Thomas has even matured more off the court also. With the mentoring of Grayson , Thomas has tranformed himself into a legit top D-1 prospect who can make any team better. Thomas seem to be suited for more of a up and down pace sort of like MIZZOU, ARKANSAS, KENTUCKY , style of pace. He has all the tools need to make that transition from JUCO to a 4 YEAR SCHOOL EASILY. Again, I am calling all college recruiters who want to find a gem, head over to Hutchinson, Kansas to see HYJII THOMAS of Navarro Junior College. He plays at 1 pm today………realsportsrealtalk.


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  1. darrell says:

    Man, that was beautiful. Good looking out!!

  2. Jason Medlock says:

    This kid seems like he has put it all together, I’m going to forward this email to Aaron glenn he knows some D1 coaches.

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