Morning folks, been a while. I know that God is good. Well , lets get right into to it. JEREMY LIN , the new hot sensation for the NEW YORK KNICKS has been sort of the apple of everyone’s eye for the past two weeks or so. Lin, a journey man of asian decent has come out of obscurity to give the NBA a new twist in star caliber play especially in the BIG APPLE. Lin has gone from the couch of his brother’s apartment to his own penthouse in Manhattan. Lin has become an overnight sensation while leading the Knicks to a seven game winning streak without Camelo Anthony and Omare Stoudamire. Media darlings such as Steven A. Smith and others have given the Asian props for his play. Lin even hit the game winner to defeat the Toronto Raptors last week. The NBA has rewarded Lin for his overnight success by inviting him to all star weekend in Orlando to take part in the Risining Stars All Star game in which Charles Barkley and Shaq Oneal act as GM’S for both teams. However, his success has strongly been opposed by many NBA players who really think that Lin has not done anything to deserve all the hype. Jason Terry of the Dallas Mavericks is one opponent. Also, Lebron James and Dewayne Wade hosted the Knicks last night and did they give Lin a welcome of sorts. Dunk after Dunk after Dunk , proved that Lin is a good p;layer but not great yet. During that game Lin played like a college kid , only 8 points and 8 turnovers. The Heat’s Mario Chalmers basically gave him the business , with a steal and a dunk on him. The Heat simply made a statement to the NBA that Lin is a million miles away from NBA Hall 0f Fame , however, the kid does have a future. With Anthony and Stoudamire back, can Lin and the other Knicks come together to contend with the HEAT and Bulls in the East. Is JEREMY LIN ” real ” or ” just a mirage”…..realsportsrealtalk…..


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