Morning folk…I know GOD is good all the time!!……Well its that time again….Time to find out who is for real and who is not. Time to find out the real contenders and the real pre tenders……We are in the Divisional round of the NFL playoffs and here it is…..Denver is lead by the new up and coming sensational QB..TIM TEBOW. TEBOW has become quite a star himself with his religion driven staple knee drop called TEBOWING. Yes, GOD might have answered his prayers and may have answer all of DENVER’S prayers including BRONCOS’S front man JOHN ELWAY. The BRONCOS took out the heart of the favorite STEELERS in OT 29-23 on a heroic pass reception from TEBOW. Many critics have changed their tune and now the talk of this years playoffs is how TOM BRADY and the PATS will handle this new thing called TEBOWING. I guess the PATS will have JESUS crosses under their uniforms as well. The NEW YORK GIANTS head into Lambo Field to take on the GREEN BAY PACKERS and the Cheeseheads. The Giants come of a 24-2 win over the Falcons. Now , JUSTIN TUCK and ELI MANNING face a diferent type of animal in GREEN BAY. ARON RODGERS and company figure to have a surprise waiting when those two teams meet. My take….A PACKER VICTORY………The HOUSTON TEXANS head into frigid temps in BALTIMORE to take on the RAVENS. A.J.YATES and ANDRE JOHNSON seems to welcome the challenge of TERRELL SUGGS and RAY LEWIS. ARON FOSTER must muster a ground game or the TEXANS will feel the taste of defeat. With RAY RICE and RICKY WILLIAMS , the Ravens have a one-two punch like no other……My pick is the birds……..And on the West coast, the NEW ORLEANS SAINTS visit the SAN FRANSCISCO 49ERS at Candlestick. The SAINTS have and array of weapons lead by DEW BREES, JIMMY GRAHAM , and PEIRRE THOMAS.the SAINTS look like a Super Bowl contender. However, don’t count out the 49ers. FRANK GORE and VERNON DAVIS have had the best year of their careers. But my take is the SAINTS in this one…….Yall ready for some football…….realsportsrealtalk……


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I am a inspiring Athletic Director who enjoys sports converstion with the best. I really enjoy connecting with top athletic administrators and sports enthusiasts. LETS TALK REAL SPORTS..REAL TALK......with BEEASY...
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