Morning folks…..Aint GOD good!…..Well after 2 days of letting it all soak in , I am finally ready to face the fact that NICK SABAN flatly out coached LES MILES on Monday night. SABAN dared LSU by winning the toss and giving the TIGERS the ball first to start the game. After that, every thing went down hill fir LES MILES and Company. SABAN’S defense shut the TIGERS OUT…I mean zero points and kept them on the other side of the fifty yard line for three quarters. Now here comes the AFTERMATH: First during LES MILES post game conference, BOBBY HEBERT, a former all pro QB for the NEW ORLEANS SAINTS challeged MILES on his entire packaged for the game. HEBERT ‘S son is a lineman on LSU’S team and he seemed very upset following the loss to the CRIMSON TIDE 21-0. Many other fans were upset as well . But here comes the ticker…….LSU’S QB JORDAN JEFFERSON has been the focal point of many DEATH THREATS and Racist comments in BATON ROUGE as of late. Now people , this is college football, not a politican camgpaign. JEFFERSON has since apologized for his poor play through his FACEBOOK page , however, the kid is only human. If accountability is what this is about, than LES MILES should be the one getting the heat, not JEFFERSON. To add to more misery , JARRETT LEE , the back up QB had lead the TIGERS TO AN 8-0 start while JEFFERSON dealt with his legal issues. Now I fault MILES for how he handled that situation. Yes, LEE should have played and yes , I think that LEE would have given the TIGERS new life . Its becoming a travesty and a mockery as LSU fans are split on who’s at fault for the loss. My take is that LES MILES is the head coach and he should be held accountable for the loss….NOT JORDAN JEFFERSON. In concluding, the BCS did make the right choice in those two teams playing for the crystal , however, it was NICK SABAN who proved to the TIGER NATION and to AMERICAN that he was a REAL coach who coached one hell of a game against his former team. NOW COMES THE AFTERMATH!!!!!……realsportsrealtalk……


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  1. Edward Doomes says:

    A few thoughts:
    1 – Alabama deserved to win this game and based on both contests, they were a better team.
    2 – QB play is much better when the O-line (including T-Bob Hebert) isn’t getting whipped.
    3 – When your line can’t block and you have a one-read immobile QB, DBs jump routes and pick sixes happen.
    4 – The coaching staff the validation that comes with beating Bama/Saban AND had huge bonuses on the line. Any animus toward Jarrett Lee or bias toward Jordan Jefferson doesn’t trump those factors.
    5 – Even after this debacle, Les Miles has 3 wins versus 3 losses against Saban
    6- No shame in a season where you won 13 games and can say that you beat everyone opponent that you played

  2. Sean Benton says:

    I agree Ted whole heartedly…..One thing that bothers me is the nonsense down there towards Jefferson, shouldn’t Les Miles be accountable and not the kid….Sure Les has won game after game but this game should have been closer than 21-0….Nick Saban made adjustments and Les Miles did not…its that simple…..Those Baton Rougians are acting foolish with thier thought process…..we all hate to lose but going into a game like that one should have needed a few adjustments ….especially on offense………..REALSPORTSREALTALK….

  3. Hi Skbeeasy,
    This might be off topic, however, The Bowl Championship Series has been the bane of college football fans since its inception in 1998. However, to put more pressure on the BCS, the president has added his opinion to the mix.
    I look forward to your next post
    Thank you,

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