Morning folks, God is real yall……As we move deeper into the pro rated 2011-12 NBA season, there have been many moves made already to enhance teams and make players happy, however one player that seems to not be happy at all is DEMARCUS COUSINS of the SACREMENTO KINGS. COUSINS, is a former first round player from KENTUCKY who teamed up with JOHN WALL and PATRICK PATTERSON to help Kentucky reach the regional finals two years ago. BOUGIE has tweeted that he wants to be traded and the KINGS seem ready to ablige his demands. Well , ROCKETS GM DARYL MOREY could do himself as well as the HOUSTON’S organization a huge favor and make that happen. HOUSTON has several players that could be included in the trade that could bring COUSINS to Housto to team up with former college teammate PATRICK PATTERSON and make Houston a contender. COUSINS brings a scoring mentality to HOUSTON’S inside game that has lacked since YAO retired. Also, BOUGIE brings a brash mentality that the Rockets could defintely use on the court. RON ARTEST AKA WORLD MATTER PEACE and VERNON MAXWELL were two former Rocket players that brought that type of personality to the game. It gave the ROCKETS an edge. Cousins could reignite the post game in Houston as well as open up more shots for KYLE LOWRY and KELVIN MARTIN. KEVIN MCHALE would be honered to have COUSINS come aboard. My Question is HOW BAD DOES THE ROCKETS WANT TO WIN?. Making this trade could do wonders for the organization. DEMARCUS COUSINS could help the ROCKETS get to the playoffs. DON’T YOU THINK SO?…..realsportsrealtalk……


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