SWAC Championship Game: Tale of Two Men with the passion for winning!!!

Morning folks, ….As we near the end of the week, many schools have been accepted to and or invited to participate in bowl competiton that pays a hefty price. Schools like LSU and ALABAMA will make millions from the BCS championship and play for a national championship. However, schools like ALABAMA A&M and GRAMBLING will play for a SWAC championship less the millions though. Both schools are lead by former NFL players who have developed the passion for winning and producing NFL players that have made their programs proud. ANTHONY JONES , a former defensive specialist for the WASHINGTON REDSKINS have taken the BULLDOGS from the cellar to the top. Jones work ethic has put the BULLDOGS into a place that has never been imagined. Jones philosophy is simple. Offensively, pound the ball until the endzone is reached. Defensivly , Jones wanted to shortened the field for opposing teams. The Bulldogs have basically proved that running the football came control tempo as well as keep teams at bay. Jones seems to be ols school and it works. DOUG WILLIAMS , has returned to his alma mater with a plan for resergence. Williams , a former MVP of the SUPER BOWL has not only brought back the SWAGGER , but has brought back tradition that was needed at the small school in northern Louisisana . The TIGERS started slow however, won their last 6 straight to advance to the title game. Williams has had to deal with QB issues with inexperience at the position. Williams also had to retool a defense that was once tops in the SWAC. Williams TIGERS do a mixture of run and pass offensively. Defensively , they know how to get to the ball. The G -Men have return with the plan of adding to their legacy. In concluding, both JONES and WILLIAMS, former teammates , have lead their respective teams to glory. Both men represent what SWAC football use to be…….realsportsrealtalk…………


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