NBA : Gasol and the ROCKETS would be what HOUSTON needs!

Morning folk….As today moves on , the NBA business picks up with more movement and the free agency frenzy begins. One talked about move was the CHRIS PAUL deal to the LAKERS. Paul would have been a Laker while PAUL GASOL would have been a ROCKET and LAMAR ODOM, KWLVIN MARTIN and LOIUS SCOLA would have been HORNETS. However, lead by Cleveland’s owner DAN GILBERT, the deal went south. GILBERT’S reason was that it would be fair to the smaller market teams who have no star power while teams like the LAKERS load up on top talent. All three teams have appealed the verdict stating that DAVID STERN can not dictate where PAUL plays. My take is that if the deal would have gone through, GASOL would have been what the ROCKETS have been missing since the days of HAKEEM. Gasol offers more at the position than YAO ever did. His soft touch, his rebounding prowness , his scoring ability and his inside presence would open up more shots for the ROCKETS perimeter game. Also, the ROCKETS could secure another star player to go along with Gasol and make them ten times better than they were. However, this may beonly a dream. Hats off to DARY MOREY for stepping up and trying to make the team better. Apealing the verdict may be a lost cause , but its a step in the right direction. On the other hand, David Stern needs to take in account that players now have rights to do what ever if its in the best interest of the team. Owners like Dan Gilbert should sit down and discuss with their GM’S how to make their teams more appealing to star players. We as a society was rewarded the NBA back as players gain respect of the NBA brass. Are we going to have another impasse in the future………realsportsrealtalk….


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