Morning folk, ..hope that your Thanksgiving holidays were as grande as ever. Well as a surprise to all , the NBA season will be saved for the good of all. Both the NBA and the NBAPA has agreed on a new CBA that will be both player and owner friendly. After over 150 days of negoiating and a break down in talks that lead to the union decertifying, both sides finally agreed on a deal that would allow the fans to recieve a nice triple header on Christmas day to start the 2011-12 NBA season. After all this bickering , the players actually won respect from the league owners as well as DAVID STERN in not folding the tent. DEREK FISHER won the praise of his fellow players as he and BILLY HUNTER remained pat on issues that would effect the players  in the future. Taking a note from the NFL , the NBAPA was able to gain the needed leverage and put pressure on the owners to be more flexible in their handling of the BRI as well as cap space. The players also gave the young draftees a chance at making money this year before the holidays. Many of the NBA players who had gone overseas to make money can now come back home to continue their careers and also give less fortunate players a chance to go abroad and make money also. In society today, we have seen many work stoppages that has effected our daily lives such as the GM stoppage, MLB stoppage, NFL stoppage and the NBA stoppage. Society has created this money making monster that has gotten out of control. With the help of the FEDS , the goverment can help minimize the money structures in professional sports that would put the fans at a diadvantage. In concluding, two months of basketball has been lost. However, with the 66 game season ready to begin on DECEMBER 25, Fans alike can breath a sign og fresh air. The NBA IS BACK IN BUSINESS………realsportsrealtalk……


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One Response to NBA : BACK IN BUSINESS!!

  1. I am excited about the return of hoops. The down side is that at no point did Fisher and Hunter effectively articulate why we should have been on their side and against the owners’ ridiculous demands. Related story: If you haven’t seen the piece Grantland’s Charles Pierce wrote on the lockout, you should definitely have a look.

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