NBA : Season seems to be a wrap!!!

Morning folks, Just got my day started and now I have to deal with not having NBA basketball during the holidays and also during the Spring on Sundays. What a bummer. Acording to every media outlet in the USA, Derek Fisher and Billy Hunter has turned down the so called ultimatum by the NBA owners. No intimidated by DAVID STERN and crew , the players have chosen to decitify the union and take the league to court. As a result, the season has been put into a bad position which may lead to the cancellation of the entire NBA season. The players seem to be sticking together and holding strong. David Stern seem to have met his match. The owners next move could be to take the lose or give the players what they want. In reality, FISHER and Hunter are building for the future of players’ rights as well as gaining respect of the owners. On the other hand, its’ the FANS and the staff who works the arenas that are losing out. The NBA will take a huge hit in appeal to fans as well as appeal across the board. Having no NBA is like wearing shoes with no socks in the cold weather. Many fans alike have tuned in on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays for NBA basketball. Now , it seems that the fitness centers will have increased participation as well as the threatres having more families attend. COLLEGE BASKETBALL now becomes the darling of many basketball junkies eyes. UNC as well as DUKE takes the place of the LAKERS and BULLS. The NCAA tournament could become the largest watched event ever with no competiton coming from the NBA. In a society build on morals and values, the dollar has taken over and lead us to this. Dennis Rodman said its the plyers fault for becoming too big for the league and themselves. However, many people believe that the players have done themselves some justice in standing up to the powers that be……What do yall think……real talk….real sports…..


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