Morning folks, As the NBA lockout continues into the month of Novemeber, there seems to have made progress in recent days. However, many NBA insiders suggest that DEREK FISHER is sort of acting like a NBA spy. FISHER , a man of intergrity has had an ongoing friendship with DAVID STERN, for sometime now, even the lockout started. However, many experts say that FISHER could be so close to him that he is willing to take any bad deal in order to save the season. More over, FISHER could be in STERNS pockets as some sort of kick back. FISHER denies the claim but many really believe that. Based on this BRI deal, it looks like the owners could get a great deal while the players get sucker punched in the end. Saving the season is one thing , but LEBRON JAMES said it best, ” we are not gladiators, we want to be treated like Ceasar”. James statment should reach home to all players and really touch FISHER’S heart if it hasn’t been felt with GREEN BACKS….What do yall think?….real talk…..


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I am a inspiring Athletic Director who enjoys sports converstion with the best. I really enjoy connecting with top athletic administrators and sports enthusiasts. LETS TALK REAL SPORTS..REAL TALK......with BEEASY...
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