Morning folk, …After meeting with the federal mediators for the past week, all we got is another two weeks of more games cancelled which means that the THANKSGIVING AND POSSIBLY CHRISTMAS GAMES ARE DONE FOR SURE…It seems to me that the NBA owners are trying to teach the players a lesson on money and authority. However, the players are trying to stand strong and show the owners that they have unity and solidarity also. Well, who is losing out?…THE FANS….With the economy trying to resurrect itself, many folks will turn their backs on the league once the season does finally start up again. However, most experts feel that the fans will stay and come back. My take, the NBA must let the fans come back for little or nothing to show their appreciation for supporting the league for many years. As the lockout moves into another month, many players have began staging charity events in many cities across America. I reaaly don’t think that those games will fill up the appetite for NBA basketball. Most younger guys have gone across seas to gain an income to support thier families. NBA teams have began trimming staff by 40%…trying to save money…..My solution to this drama……THINK ABOUT THE FANS AND FAMILIES OF THOSE WHO NEED WORK TO SUPPORT THEIR FAMILIES…..WE HAVE MILLIONAIRES FIGHTING AGAINST BILLIONAIRES OVER MONEY THAT WANT BE MISSED…..THE WORKERS AND FIRT YEAR PLAYERS ARE SUFFERING JUST AS THE FANS SUFFER…..TALK TO ME REAL TALK….


About skbeeasy

I am a inspiring Athletic Director who enjoys sports converstion with the best. I really enjoy connecting with top athletic administrators and sports enthusiasts. LETS TALK REAL SPORTS..REAL TALK......with BEEASY...
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