Morning folks, is a great day to be alive….Well yesterday , I watched a dabacle unlike any other…The DALLAS COWBOYS are starting to become the laughing stock of the NFL. TONY ROMO schizo performance was undoubtably worrisome…ROMO PASSED FOR OVER 200 YARDS AND 3 TDS IN THE FIRST HALF. However, THE COWBOYS NEW DEFENSE GAVE UP 31 POINTS IN THE SECOND HALF THANKS TO 3 INTERCEPTIONS BY ROMO which included one returned for TD. Now lets talk realtalk….ROMO has been paid all this money and still plays like a rookie QB. The Cowboys defense looked defenseless against CALVIN JOHNSON AKA MEGATRON….Dude went flat off against the smallish DB’S. Jason Garrett has the same issues that plagued WADE PHILLIPS LAST YEAR….LOSING GAMES FOR NO REASON…Jerry Jones has spent a lot of money on this team and to be up 24 AT HOME AND LOSE TO THE LIONS IS REDICULOUS…Truth be told, Jerry …it is time to get another QB…ONE THAT CAN FINISH A GAME..ONE THAT HAS THE SKILLS TO COMPLETE A GAME AND ONE THAT LEADS BY EXAMPLE…..OTHERWISE ..WE MIGHT AS WELL HAVE THE NFL LOOKOUT CONTINUE CAUSE THE COWBOYS ARE PLAYING AS IF A LOCKOUT EXIST…Folk in Detroit are celebrating like they won a Super Bowl….at 4-0..They have won 2 games on the road from behind led by MATT STAFFORD AND HIS SIDEKICK MEGATRON…The LIONS are starting to do for Detreoit as the SAINTS did for hurricane riddled NEW ORLEANS…Meanwhlie the COWBOYS ARE DOING FOR DALLAS WHAT TAMPA BAY BUCS DID FOR THE CITY OF TAMPA BAY BACK IN 1976…THE LAUGHING STOCK OF THE LEAGUE….In concluding, TONY ROMO is not the QB needed for Jerry Jones….he needs to cut his losses and trade for VINCE YOUNG, CHASE DANIELS, or somebody that can add athleticism to this offense. realsportsrealtalk…what do yall think….real talk…


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I am a inspiring Athletic Director who enjoys sports converstion with the best. I really enjoy connecting with top athletic administrators and sports enthusiasts. LETS TALK REAL SPORTS..REAL TALK......with BEEASY...
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