NCAA FOOTBALL: I got it right yall!!! BIG 12 WILL SURVIVE!!!

Morning folks, just enjoying the start of another wonderful day on the JOB!!….Last week on my radio spot with LARY CHATTERBOX HALE, I was asked the question..”wILL THE BIG 12 survive and I stated that TEXAS and Oklahouma are the center pieces to the deal which lead me to say farther that the BIG 12 will surve another four to five years. Well yall, it looks like realsportsrealtalk was right on the money!!!…Based on reports from the wire, the BIG 12 will stand pat based on the announcement of better revenue for all schools. The PAC 12 initially had open the door for TEXAS, OKLAHOUMA , TEXAS TECH and OKLAHOUMA STATE, however a change in decision based on the deal cuased the PAC 12 to shut the door on expansion which lead to the BIG 12 survival. Now that the BIG 12 will remain, TEXAS and OU must tag team with the conference in order to keep up with the sign of the times…more revenue sharing…and if need be ..quality additions to make the BIG 12 and tough conference…which has lead to the speculation of ARKANSAS coming on aboard. However, many TEXAS REGENTS have expressed interest in University of Houston as well as TCU coming on aboard also. I WAS RIGHT ON THE MONEY WITH THE BIG 12 TALK….HOWEVER, MORE COLLEGE CONFERENCES SEEM TO ME MAKING HUGE MOVES IN THE MONEY MARKET IN ORDER TO GET THAT ALL MIGHTY DOLLAR. Which reminds me, will NOTRE DAME ever join a conference?….talk to me…real talk…..


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