NCAA FOOTBALL: Money, TV deals….Causes the conference landscape to change drastically!!!!

Morning folks,

Just finished up a good cup of coffee and as I read my morning paper, the college landscape is going through some turbulant times , however, with many conferences jockeying for huge Television rights, schools are now looking at their options…many of them are more concerned about profit sharing and schools such as TEXAS , OKLAHOUMA, SYRACUSE AND PITT have begun transcending the college landscape into huge mega powered conferences. The winners include the PAC 12, THE ACC, THE SEC, and EVEN THE BIG 10. Losers would be the BIG 12 and the BIG EAST. The power brokers have started to align the stars in the right direction towards huge paydays for schools however, Traditions are being effected heavily…such as the rivary of TEXAS ands TEXAS A&M. With the AGGIES going to the SEC, the proud tradition of the LONE STAR shootout will be no more. In concluding, the LONGHORN NETWORK has basically effected college athletics as a whole. TEXAS never imagined that the network would have so many defactors however with the PAC 12 , the LONGHORNS would get their money plus the PAC 12 would get their exposure nationwide. As we continue to watch college athletics change, will we ever get back to enjoying those traditional rivaries without all the travel now expected with the culmilation of those mega confences on the rise?…realtalk…what do yall think?…..


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