Black College Football : The MEAC has figured it out!!! The SWAC seems at a lost

Afternoon Folks…There seems to be many major changes happening throughout college athletics. Over the past few years many conferences have become MEGA conferences due to the compensation involved in getting huge TV deals. However, the top two HBCU conferences …MEAC and the SWAC have suffered through budget crisis and the lack of talent due to low APR scores. However, it seems to me that the MEAC has gotten it right finally. After watching BCC dismantle PVAMU was obvious that the MEAC has begun addressing its defiencies. The MEAC has gotten top sponsorship from large companies to help offset many budget shortages. With the help of the NCAA, top MEAC officials have gotten training to help develop programs needed to help student athletes become successful on and off the football field. The MEAC has even got better athles from top D 1 programs and with those students many schools have become very competitve. My hat goes off to MEAC commissioner for stepping up and meeting the the challenges of budget crisis. However, the SWAC has lost a step in staying up with their counterpart. Since JAMES FRANK , retired from the SWAC, the conference has endured negative changes that has effected all 10 of its institutions…LOW APR SCORES…AND BAD MANAGEMENT OF THE ATHLETIC DEPARTMENTS has the SWAC thinking about survival. Schools such as JSU AND SU have been banned from post season play which means that those two school will have to improve their academic structure ASAP or face permanent ban. Doug Williams has returned to lead the GSU Tigers and he sat down with the SWAC commissioner and gave his take on how to save the SWAC.. ‘ We have to start investing in our kids before we invest in ourselves or we will be out of business”…Other notables include W.C.GORDON and MARINO CASEM who also wants what’s best for the SWAC. In concluding, the NCAA has offered and visted with several top SWAC administrators who want what’s best for the conference. ACCOUNTABILITY as well VISIBILITY is needed to save the SWAC…What do yall think…..realsportsrealtalk….


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I am a inspiring Athletic Director who enjoys sports converstion with the best. I really enjoy connecting with top athletic administrators and sports enthusiasts. LETS TALK REAL SPORTS..REAL TALK......with BEEASY...
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