NBA PLAYOFFS: We are getting the pretenders out of the way and its time to get down with the big dogs……

Morning folk, Happy belated EASTER to you and yours. Well as many of us enjoyed the family and ate our share of eggs, the NBA playoffs have gotten so hot that suspensions have began to be passed out in one particular series. In the East, DERRICK ROSE and the BULLS seem to have every thing in hand even though they lost over the weekend to the PACERS to still have a 3-1 lead. Same goes for LEBRON and company also. With a 3-1 series lead, the HEAT can close out the SIXERS this week. Whats so surprising is the HAWKS domination of the MAGIC . The HAWKS headbutted their way to a 3-1 lead and can end the Magic season for good this week too.  In  the WEST, the LAKERS and SPURS are in a dog fight and they are fighting for their lives as we speak. CP3 and the HORNETS want go away and the young GRIZZ have other plans for the wise ole SPURS. Both series are tied at 2-2. KEVIN DURANTE and the THUNDER seemed to be priniming themselves for a second round date with an opponent yet to be named. They have a commanding 3-0 lead heading into today’s clash. The MAVS also have their hands tied with a tough TRAILBLAZERS team with a 2-2 split. The NBA playsoff lived up to standards and we get better as we move on to the second round. WHAT DO YALL THINK…WILL WE HAVE SWEEPS OR WILL WE HAVE A FEW MORE GAME SEVENS…..TALK TO ME FOLK…


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