NBA PLAYOFFS: Ok…records out the window….Lets get it…….

Morning folks, hope that your day is as blessed as mine. Well lets get down to the knitty griddy….ITS PLAYOFF TIME NBA STYLE…..with all this hoopla about the NCAA being dirty and the NFL lockout, lets relax and enjoy some good wholesome basketball, shall I say. Heading into the weekend, the NBA playoffs start up Saturday and continues everyday for about another month or so….We have some good match ups in the first round. Lets break this thing down now…..


# 1 Chicago vs # 8 Indiana

In this series, I see Derrick Rose putting up big numbers and leading the BULLS to a 4-1 victory over the PACERS. With Noah and BOOZER inside , the BULLS just manhandles the Pacers and completely dominate them from start to finish……..

# 4 Orlando vs #5 Atlanta

Here we go again with these two teams battling it out on each others home court. HOWARD and CO. will win despite heroics from JOE JOHNSON AND CRAWFORD. Orlando is deeper with talent and bench. STAN VAN GUDY gets his guys up for this one winning 4-2.

#3 Boston vs. #6 New York

This series is the most intriguing of them all. OLD NEMISIS meet again. The CELTS have veteran experience but the new look KNICKS have STAR POER. In this tight and tough series, ALLEN, PIERCE, GARNETT uses mind games to defeat the MELO AND STOUDAMIRE SHOW in 6. Boston will pull away 4-2 to win this pressure cooker of a series.

#2 Miami vs. # 7 Philadephia

Here is another one sided series that could end by the enb of next week. The HEAT have something to prove and with JAMES, WADE, AND BOSH hungry to do it, those SIXERS look tasty to knaw on in this first round. HEAT 4-0 sweep……..


# 1 San Antonio vs #8 Memphis

The Spurs limp into the playoffs with nagging injuries and old age on their side. POP will have his work cut out for in in the young GRIZZLIES. I see the Spurs moving on with the help of smart defense and a balanced offense to offset the scoring ability of RANDOPH and company. SPURS in 5 . San Antonio wins 4-1.

# 4 Oklahouma City vs. #5 Denver

This series should be fun to watch as the DURANT led THUNDER try to out race the J.R.SMITH and company led NUGGETS. Both teams feature up and down offenses that could set fire or go cold as ice. However, I see this one going 6……THUNDER 4-2…..

#3 Dallas vs. #6 Portland

This one could see blood and tears br series end. With Mark Cuban firing at the Refs, he should have his wallet ready. DIRK and company will have its hands full with the talented TRAILBLAZERS. ALDRIDGE and company offers competition as well toughness on both parties. However, DALLAS will be taken to the test and to the max…..MAVS in 7…..4-3

#2 Los Angelos vs. #7 New Orleans

See Miami…….The LAKERS could easily finish off the HORNETS in 4 but it depends on CP3’s play. If PAUL plays, then we might get 6 games in but if he is already in form to leave, then KOBE will get some much needed rest for the next round. LAKERS sweep 4-0.

There you have it folks, my take on the first round of the NBA playoffs. What do yall think…Holla at yo boy….


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