Morning folk,  hope that your day is as great asmine. Well, let’s get down to gist of things. I had spoken earlier on scandels withing NCAA programs and that MARK EMMERT , the new NCAA prez has his hands full. However, it seems to me that this organization has more issues from their institutions than we expected. We are at the tail end of the academic year and more and more cases of fraud and broken rules are arising at many NCAA schools. Just recently, many NCAA football programs came under scrutinity this past fall for paying players with booster money. Though many players have denounced the idea, few former players have admittedly came forwardto state that they were paid. Also, several schools were brought to the fore front for using recruiting services run by a man named WILLIE LYLES who was paid a ton of money by many NCAA programs. At OHIO STATE, JIM TRESSELL has been suspended for covering up illegal wrongdoing amonst his players and several; local merchants in Columbus. In NCAA basketball , BRUCE PEARL was just fired for lying to NCAA folks about recruiting issues involving several players on his team. JIM CALHOUN also was suspended this upcoming season for breaking the rules as well. John Calipari hasbeen investigated several times for recruiting issues as well. RICK PITINO, has had to deal with off the court issues that may have been the reason why his CARDS were eliminated in the second round of this years NCAA tournay. More and more issue have begun to surface under NCAA rules. Now college bowl games are under scrutiny also. The FIESTA BOWL has fired its top CEO behind a money flap that has left a black eye on all BCS bowls and for future reference, a playoff system could be in the mix. Just yesterday, a story broke about point shaving involving atleast ten people at the UNIVERSITY of SAN DIEGO. The FBI has arrested nine of the ten and now, the NCAA has begun its own investigation. Its a neverending story for the NCAA. MARK EMMERT must clean up this mess or we will be in for one hell of a investigation by congress, I would think. WHAT DO YALL THINK?. CAN THE NCAA REPAIR ITS IMAGE OR WILL IT BE A BLACK EYE FOR EVER. REAL TALK…….


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  1. darrell grayson says:

    He can definitely try to clean things up. He will probably issue stiff penalties. This will make some people think twice about acting a fool. But it will not stop completely. There will always be cheating.

    • Sean Benton says:

      You are so right…Emmert will need to organize a hell of a compliance staff when it comes to dealing with college athletics….FOOTBALL AND BASKETBALL WILL ALWAYS HAVE ISSUES …….

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