NCAA FOOTBALL: ” Scandelous “

Morning folk….After surveying the territory in college football, I have came to a conclusion that college football elite if not all programs are not sqeaky clean. MARK EMMERT, NCAA top head has been focusing his attention on basketball so much, that football has sort of been overlooked.  D uring the past year or so elite programs like AUBURN, OHIO STATE, THE FIESTA  BOWL and even recruiting agencies run by WILLIE LYLES have been the hot topic in many media circles. What does the NCAA have to do to clean up its image. CAM NEWTON led AUBURN to a national championship this past season and has been believed to have recieved 180k from a person in relationship to MISSISSIPPI STATE. However, after months of investigation, CAM was cleared to resume his career. Unfortunatly, many folks believe that the investigation lives on. Lately , many form AUBURN TIGERS have came to the fore front to admit that they were offered money by TIGER BACKERS……Now what do you expect the NCAA will do next…….

GENE SMITH, the athletic Director at OHIO STATE will have his hands full with JIM TRESSELL and his issues as well. TRESSELL was supposingly had covered up many broken rules from the past 3 to 5 seasons with players selling game and practice jerseys to local merchants for services which included star players like TYRELLE PRYOR being involved. TRESSELL knew of the wrong doing. TRESSELL was given a fine and a few game suspensions but with more information coming in, what will SMITH and the NCAA do now…..

The FIESTA BOWL is one of the top tier bowls in college football. Just last week, the CEO was let go due the fact he was accused of stealing funds and taking luxury trips and other things. Now one must digust this as a simple mistake or the bowl industry making money and having fun on tax payers dollars. What will the NCAA do about this?….

And finally, many schools use recruiting agencies to help with attaining top athletes, however, based on a issue at UNIVERSITY of Oregon, it has been said that the DUCKS have being paying WILLIE LYLES and his recruiting agency big bucks to help with their recruiting…LIKE 28K….Just recently, a former TEXAS A&M coach named LYLES as one of the persons who demanded 80 k to get PATRICK PETERSON, a top recruit at the time who later went to LSU and became an all american and could be a top draft pick in this years draft…..With many school paying top dollar to agencies to get kids, I see why the kids want to get paid….everyone else is…..What do yall think…real talk…


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One Response to NCAA FOOTBALL: ” Scandelous “

  1. J Rob says:

    If you ask me I think if you do pay these kids a lot of this mess wouldn’t be going on. They making millions and millions of dollars of these kids and they can’t pay the youngsters nuthin at all. I mean com on man real talk.. holla at me..

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